Your 5-Star Guide to Central Park & NYC!

Pedicab Tour In Central Park

A picture perfect tour for families & couples who want to explore Central Park. We guarantee you’ll see the most inspiring combination of architecture, landscape design, and urban planning. You will be able to walk during the tour at certain stops, climb up at the famous castle and take pictures on the most famous proposal bridge in NYC.


Take a Bicycle Tour & Peddle Through The Most Famous Park

A bicycle tour is the best way to explore the most interesting and fascinating park in the world. Visitors rave about our most popular bicycle tours of because you’ll explore Central Park’s most remarkable sights, learn about the histories, and even observe architectural features of the most famous park in New York and USA. Visitors have been facinated by and enjoying Central Park for more than 150 years! Now’s your turn– we’ll make sure you experience all the greatness!


Who We Are

Honestly, we prefer to keep our focus on you. We take great pride in serving as your tour guide, and our visitors love appreciate it!
But, our web developer strong armed us… so, here it goes

Over the years we have assembled a small team of experienced guides, who will help you discover one of the most beautiful urban parks in the world. We’re all locals, and we think you’ll love the perspective being adds to your tour. Since 2009, we’ve been providing informative tours with topics ranging from movie set locations, to architecture, to Central Park’s history. In NYC, things can (and do!) change rather quickly, so we routinely update our guides on the latest and greatest!

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a unique, informative, and unparalleled tour experience; to see you laughing and smiling. You’ll love the New York accent, and our New Yorker ways. We think you’ll love our tours and hope to see you on a tour soon!